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    Intimate Oceanside Vow Renewal Ceremony

    This past October, my husband and I decided to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony – just the two of us. Well, if I’m being honest – I suggested it, and he, of course, went along with it, because happy wife, happy life, right?

    Some might think that five years of marriage isn’t necessarily worthy of a big celebration, but I think we’ve experienced a lot of things worth celebrating in the past five years (a new house, two pregnancies, and three beautiful children, to name a few). Unfortunately, we also lost a friend of ours to cancer this past year, which served as a heartbreaking reminder to cherish every moment spent with our loved ones.

    Parenting is hard work. Sometimes it’s nice (and, I would argue, necessary) to take a break from the every day and celebrate life with your spouse. Plus, I’ll never turn down an opportunity to wear a sparkly dress and a flower crown.

    We stayed at the beautiful Quarterdeck resort, where the rugged coastline just down the road served as the perfect backdrop for our photos. Our only “guest” was our photographer, the lovely Callen of Callen Singer Photography. We read our vows at sunset, standing on top of a massive rock, as the waves crashed below us. Afterwards, we had a private dinner at the Quarterdeck’s restaurant, where we just happened to have the entire place to ourselves.

    Photographer: Callen Singer Photography 
    Hair: Hair by Danika Bertelli
    Makeup: Selena Marchand Makeup Artistry
    Flower crown: Flora and Vine

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