Welcome to Radiant Gray


I’m Becca. I live on the beautiful East Coast of Canada with my high school sweetheart and our three little ones: a sweet and inquisitive 3-year-old son and adorable (not to mention mischievous) 18-month-old twin daughters.

I recently decided to start this blog because, while it’s definitely my most cherished role, being a mother sometimes feels like an all-consuming job. I’ve been craving some kind of creative outlet to offset my days spent chasing after three little people. I plan to use this space to explore some of my interests and passions, including writing, photography, skincare, and beauty – interests that have been put on hold in recent years, because, #motherhood.

I’ll also use this space to share some of my experiences in motherhood. How could I not? Raising three young children can be exhausting and overwhelming at times, but it’s also been an incredible and fulfilling journey. I would love to connect with other mothers in hopes of inspiring and encouraging each other along the way.

Thanks for making it this far. I’m excited to embark on my blogging journey and I hope you’ll follow along. I’d love to hear from you!