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    Scandinavian-Inspired Christmas Decor

    Christmas is only a few weeks away and the excitement is starting to build in our household. This is the first year that our son seems to have a really firm…

  • Life

    Intimate Oceanside Vow Renewal Ceremony

    This past October, my husband and I decided to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony – just the two of us. Well, if I’m being honest –…

  • Beauty

    How to transition to a clean beauty routine

    After learning about the disturbingly “dirty” side of the beauty industry, I was ready to toss out just about everything in our bathroom and start over from scratch. Actually, part of…

  • Motherhood

    Musings of a Mother

    Mother’s Day 2019 As mothers, our roles are constantly shifting and evolving, and we have no choice but to try and keep up, whether we’re ready or not. Our son has…

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    Get to know me

    Since this is one of my first posts, I thought I’d come up with a few random facts to help you get to know me. You can learn more about me…