Top 10 items for surviving the first year with twins

Top 10 Twin Products

So you’re having twins…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already started making a mental checklist of all the things you’re going to need. Which baby items are absolutely necessary? Are we going to need two of everything or can we get by with only one?

While it’s true that babies generally don’t require a lot of stuff, we found that having TWO babies introduced an entirely new set of logistical issues.

Below I’ve listed the top 10 items we used the most during our first year with twins. And trust me – we’re minimalists at heart – but I can safely say these items were absolutely necessary for surviving our girls’ first year.

Disclosure: Some of the product links in this post are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Any purchases made through my affiliate links may result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost to you). However, all opinions and endorsements are my own and I’ve only recommended items that I’ve personally used and loved.

Baby Carrier(s)

Baby wearing was essential during the first few months with twins. It’s pretty much impossible to carry two small infants in your arms, let alone try to get anything else done at the same time. We had two of these, so my husband and I could each carry a baby if needed. We tried a twin carrier for awhile but I didn’t find it very comfortable and the girls got heavy quickly.


We found it was helpful to have several “safe spaces” to set down a baby (or two) on the main floor of our house. This kept them out of the reach of their big brother, who loves them immensely, but at 2 years old didn’t necessarily understand the concept of being “gentle.” We were gifted the Joovy Room2 Playpen and it definitely made life easier during those first few months. The changing pad attachment on the Room2 was also convenient, as it saved us from having to go upstairs for every diaper change.

Baby Swing(s)

Let me start by saying that our girls didn’t love the swings as much as their brother did. He would happily sit in his swing for hours on end, napping or just watching the world go by. However, we still found the swings useful as they created one more “safe space” for the babies on the main floor of our house. We used these.

Baby Bath Supports

This is one of those items that might not be necessary for one baby, but when you’re trying to bathe two squirmy, slippery infants at the same time, these baby bath supports were pretty helpful. We were able to fit two in the bathtub at the same time and they stacked together nicely when they weren’t in use.

Car Seat Covers

We used these all the time. They provided a cozy, dark spot for the girls to have a nap, shielded them from the elements, and kept strangers from reaching in and touching them (which happens a lot more than you would think). Also, twins tend to get a lot of attention when you’re out and about, and while I’m usually happy to stop and show off our girls, I found these car seat covers helped to deter strangers from stopping us when we were in a rush. 

Sleep Sacks

I’ll save our sleep-related struggles for another post, but let’s just say we tried many different combinations of sleeping aids and arrangements in an effort to find something that worked. My best friend recommended these sleep sacks, and out of pure desperation, I decided to give them a try. Our girls ended up sleeping in them for months. Read more about our experience here.

Hanging Highchairs

When the time came to look for high chairs, we knew we wanted something that didn’t take up a lot of space. We ultimately decided to go with these “hanging” high chairs that we could set up on our island. The girls love being able to sit next to each other (although we’ve had to separate them recently as the hair-pulling and eye-poking has escalated) and they enjoy watching at our level as we work around the kitchen.

Infant Carseats

Infant car seats are obviously a necessity, and we chose these. We already had one Maxi-Cosi that our son had used, so when it came time to buy a second seat, this was the obvious choice. It’s an added bonus that the Maxi-Cosi is one of the lightest car seats on the market, given that I was often having to carry around two at once.

Double Stroller

There were several double strollers to choose from, but we had already purchased this stroller when we were expecting our son, so we decided to keep it and buy the necessary adapters to make it a double. We’ve found this stroller has been well worth the price; it’s convenient, fits easily through doorways and tight spaces, folds up easily, and doesn’t take up a ton of space in the trunk.

White Noise Machine

Two babies sleeping in one room + one older brother in the next room (who happens to be susceptible to the odd bedtime tantrum)… a white noise machine has been an absolute necessity.

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